Auto professionals recommend that when you have a nick or crack in your windshield that you get it repaired as opposed to having the entire thing replaced. This will save you a great deal of money in comparison with getting a brand new windshield. By: Budda Oliver Windshield Replacement – A Major Safety Precaution Auto Read More »

Rock chips are nearly difficult to evade, but gratefully they can be secured. Below are the tips and procedures for rapidly fixing those damages. Penned by: Lora Davis. Rock Chip Repair – Procedure and Cost Your car’s windshield is very strong but it can be damaged. If the windshield suffers any impact, large or small, Read More »

Even if you have auto glass coverage in your auto insurance or not, fixing your windshield is a much better choice in terms of price paralleled to a new one. It is also a faster preference to get you back on the highway in no time at all Written by: Shalini Madhav. 5 Reasons Why Read More »