Muffler repair shops are still here because not every auto overhaul shop is equipped to repair mufflers. Many mufflers need to be cut off and the fresh muffler fused in place. By: Rich Verbrugge Do I Need A New Muffler? Generally speaking, car mufflers usually don’t go out while the vehicle is still under warranty. Read More »

Among the automobile’s motorized assemblies, the exhaust scheme is rarely seen. Portion of the exhaust system is the muffler which when operated together they can add more horsepower to your automobile. By: Natalie Cassidy The Exhaust and Muffler Systems of Your Car Among the automobile’s mechanical assemblies, the exhaust system is seldom noticed. Part of Read More »

Almost all exhaust glitches can be identified by paying care to unknown noises or taking a look beneath the car. One of the utmost common exhaust snags is a rattling noise. When you overhear a clatter, it could be produced by several things. Is your muffler rattling? If so, let’s take a quicker look at Read More »