If you want to substitute your car’s battery, be sure to use appropriate dumping procedures. By writer: Sarahbeth Kluzinski The Importance of Proper Car Battery Disposal Everyone is familiar with the generic situation in which the battery in a person’s car has died, leaving them stranded in a public parking lot or on the side of Read More »

However we wish we do not live in a faultless world and sulfate build up is the main reason of battery failure. But if it is maintained and properly kept will keep the batteries in decent fresh condition, and prolong the useful life of the battery. By Fantastic Writer: Dan Hornby. Will a Battery Desulfator Read More »

A lot of things occur to a car in its lifespan. There are times where the finest section will be worn or filthy because of years of driving. There can be cases where the lubricant got murky and was merely scrubbed or purged weeks later. The battery of your vehicle can be washed at a Read More »