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by Gage Wiegand From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Great work indeed

This shop is really awesome as I got my car fixed here without any hitches. When I first went I was welcomed with open arms. All the staff that where there were very welcoming and responded to all my queries. The overall time spent there was a breeze plus the repairs where done promptly without costing me an arm and a leg. They really did a superb job and I will definitely be coming back if I have another job for them.

by Gina T. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Car Repair Noobie Here.

I was a car owner that didn’t know anything about car maintenance. So when I scrapped my car one day while I was parking on my garage I was out of sorts. A good friend recommended that I should take my car to Guanella and they would take care of it for me. At first I was reluctant because of the horror stories of car shops taking advantage of their customers to earn a lot of cash from them. Good thing I trusted my friend and went to Guanella. The whole experience was great, the staff took the time to talk to me, give me options and help me understand everything. It goes to show that there are still some good car shops out there, Thanks Guanella!”

by Mary J. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Great customer service!

Great customer service! The staff was friendly and helpful. Service was done quicker than I expected. Definitely recommend and if I ever need any other repairs this is the place I'm coming back to.

by Robert VonRueden Sr. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Highly Recommended!

I very much vouch for this establishment short of any reservations and I really mean this, from the start that commenced with the analysis on the telephone to going to the site I was greatly pleased. Their client service is of high caliber and the work that was done was made to perfection. The perceptibility of the damage I had is at present non-existent and fee I was charged was unmatched. So if anybody ask wherever they can go to get slight and major car damages fixed and not get mugged in the course Guanella Auto Body is the place ... I am Robert VonRueden and I definitely support this auto body repair shop.

by Jewel Stoltenberg From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
One happy client

It’s my third time going to Guanella myself; nevertheless my relatives have been having transactions there for ages.I'll get straight to the point. It's an excellent workshop with expert and qualified staff. The job done on my car was magnificent and I am extremely happy with the result.

by Deshaun Beatty From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Superb work on my car!

In every way they are superb. That's exactly how I would define the client service at Guanella’s auto body. My car was set after only a day from the period I left it off. The personnel were approachable and proficient. If you want excellent labor done swiftly, call this place. And I will promise you that won't regret it.

by Julianna T. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Highly recommended

I just picked up my car and couldn't be happier. It looks brand new and the inside was cleaned as well. Their staff was friendly, they orchestrated the insurance adjuster meetings and supplemental estimates, as well as handled my rental car needs.I would highly recommend them to my family and friends.

by Lia Schneider From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Overall job consistency is great!

This was my 3rd time getting a job done at Guanella’s and just like the other times; the overall body repair work that they gave was nothing short of excellent. I would easily recommend this business to anyone and would vouch for it that they would not be sorry if they gave it a try.

by Roman Rowe From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Great team

I am so awestruck with the service I got today at Guanella’s Auto. Jaqueline was very sociable, courteous, wonderful and proficient. The whole shop was clean as I have seen other shops with scattered tools and things around as this were not the case here, plus the people who did the repairs where wonderful and awesome! I greatly vouch for people to take their car here for repairs. They even cleaned and shined my car to pristine beauty! You rock!

by Jeffery Feest From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Happy customer here

I greatly commend having your car repaired at this company. Take it from me a return customer. Best deals and rapid turnaround, and the car even looks new after each repair. They are a life saver! They have significantly aided me through all of my car mishaps.

by Anastacio Roberts From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Thanks for being there

I went back after getting my car repaired because I saw a scrape on my car. The staff there took care of it in 5 seconds flat and with that I am hooked. I've been there a lot these past years due to my own fault and the service they give me is the best every time!

by Paul G From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Phenomenal Work!

“When my car was damaged when I was parking a few months ago, I took my car to Guanella for a new paint job. Overall the staff that took care of my mishap was welcoming, easy to converse with and honest with the assessment and again I can’t say this enough, the work they did on my Camry was top notch.”

Glad to be of service!

by Lesley Bautista From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Exceptional customer care!!!!!

I was in a collision in August 2017 and luckily I was right near Guanella Auto Body shop!!! Because the minute I set foot in their office I felt taken care of!! All of my worries were lifted off of my shoulders. I would recommend Guanella Auto Body to anybody !!! They are absolutely exceptional in customer care and how they deal with fixing your car in such a timely short manner! Thank you to the whole Guanella Auto Body shop team and especially thank you to Rick, you made this experience very easy!!

by Stefan Bosco From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
No worries here.

The job they did was not short of astounding. Their client service is splendid! They really go the extra mile. My BMW came out looking as the first time I drove it out of the car store. Once I left my car in the shop for the repairs- I didn't have to concern myself about anything. They fixed all the paper work, the parts was of top quality and updated me with all the repair progress every step of the way.

by Orin Murazik From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Spot On!

Guanella is spot-on to their word and is spot on in every way! The staff especially Jaqueline is super nice and proficient with their work. I had to get a trunk hood and hood light installed on my Honda. I was in and out in a jiffy and my wallet not empty! I’m so happy I found them when I did!

by Nicolas Renner From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Best one so far

Guanella’s auto body shop is Astounding! I seldom compose reviews but they surely merit one. I first brought my car there last year after having 20,000 dollars’ cost of needed repairs & once more this year! Their client response is nothing short of excellent! I'm fussy when it comes to any sort of deal and auto body is no different. If you’re like me you look at companies evaluations before trying them out. And they are rated highly for a reason. And I tell you that you won't be dissatisfied.

by Dolly Rempel From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Im glad that they are there for my car repair needs

They are very proficient, experienced, truthful, welcoming and competent. They worked hard to give me a cost effective plan in the repairs to my car without sacrificing the overall quality. Take it from me you won’t be sorry if you choose them for your car body repairs.

by Lacey C. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Above and beyond regular customer service.

Guanella Auto Body went above and beyond to help us out. We spoke with the owner, Rick, and he was very accommodating and made sure we were happy with our quote before committing to it. When we actually got the car back everything was in top working order and the inside of the car had been detailed spotlessly. Overall extremely pleased with Guanella and will return to them should anymore repairs be needed.

by John P. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Consistently great!

positive thinking, that's the energy asked here. as an employee of this company i believe in the ways of the owner and coworker staff. how pleasant to work finally in an environment that everyone cares for one another. my problem becomes a company problem. thank you to the entire guanella family, and the coworker staff of guanella auto body. these days are becomming some of the best of my life, surely your trust and confidence in me is turning me into an all around better human being. i know first hand that the same care is extended to every customers automobile as well. i know because im responsible for checking them in, and checking them out. my hat off, and take a bow to rick and abby guanella. first class start to finnish.

by Walter T. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint

Guanella auto and Body Paint is obviously a family run business that has tremendous pride of ownership and values their customers. There is a high degree of customer service. The owner specifically made an effort to meet me and to ensure that I was taken care of appropriately.I recently had significant body work performed on my Yukon because of road tar damage. Check in process was easy, they advocated for me through the insurance company, and the very nice loaner car made the whole process easy.The final result was that my car looks brand new.I strongly recommend Guanella should you need auto body work.

by Meredith Gerlach From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Splendid job!

This business is splendid! Client service was on spot from my first appointment until the end. The staff there is very pleasant and continues to deliver great job and service!

by Naomie Maggio From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Give them a shot

It was so good to do business with Guanella! From the second I strolled in; I knew the whole transaction would be encouraging. The whole staff kept me at ease and guaranteed me that I was receiving the finest tailored service obtainable. They were in constant contact with me and updated me on the whole progression from estimation to repair. I vouch for you to try their awesome services. I had seen big jobs and tiny ones given the care and courtesy any car possessor would be proud off.

by S G. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Stress free transaction

Guanella Auto Body took care of my car and me! I got my car back looking brand new and in a timely manner. Plus they handled all the paperwork with my insurance and rental car. Took the stress out of the whole situation.

by Abbigail Pollich From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Best ever!

Thank you! I had to have my hood exchanged and after that repainted. They also polished out a graze on my right side car door and calibrated my headlights with no charge. Boundless client service, low pricing, etc. best place ever!

by Brittany S. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Great customer treatment

I took my car to Guanellas after I was in an accident. They took great care of me and my car! They handled all the insurance stuff, got me a rental car and fixed my car in a timely manner. I'm so happy with the repairs! My car looks like new 🙂 it was clean and polished when I picked it up. I would recommend Guanella auto body to everyone, they really know how to handle business and treat their customers right!

by Megan D. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Im hooked!

I recently had my car repaired at this location, and LOVED the service that was provided. Everyone there was so attentive and they made my claims process so easy!. I was able to go in with my claim information, get into my rental vehicle and just under 3 weeks later pick up what I would say, is my BRAND NEW car! I was ecstatic when I arrived and saw my baby. It is an older vehicle so imagine my surprise when Rick went above and beyond and even took care of a couple of little dings on my vehicle that weren't part of the claim making it look that much better! The normal standards that you would expect is bypassed by Guanella Auto Body and they strive for excellence and perfection. They are on YOUR side as the customer and they handle everything with your insurance company so that your experience is as stress free and simple as it gets. Thank you Rick for everything and your shop will ALWAYs be my first choice by far!

by Leo S. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
First Time?

If you want your car fixed right, the first time, then bring it to Guanella. They worked on all of our family cars and I just picked up the 3rd one.  It looks and drives like new. They're very trusting and really tell it to you straight. Our insurance company tried to steer us to go to one of their "recommend" shops. Guanella is independent and doesn't have any ties to insurance companies, so they fight for you and make sure the insurance company pays for the original factory parts - not some after-market parts that would compromise the safety of our cars. This is a family business so there's a good vibe to it - and if you check out the facility, it's clean and modern. I can't recommend them highly enough - they turned a real hassle into a positive experience.

by Dasia Johnston From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Check it out!

Guanella auto body shop is top notch! They will assist you like you’re one of their own! Diana and Jaq, Abie were totally remarkable, they've helped me with a lot of minor damages that I got from my daily driving. And they even polished my car every time for free.My and my friends love this place! And I even refereed them to my relatives. So for everyone out there who are looking for major and minor body repair done come in for your schedule or for any inquiries that you might have. And I promise you that you won’t be sorry that you did.

by Jennifer O'Hara From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
I would definitely go there again.

They have one of the finest client involvement I ever had. The personnel were the best and saved me a lot of cash with my latest fender bender. They were the in tune and kept me updated on the progress of my car repair. The total repair time was done in a timely fashion with a lot of extra time to spare. Generally I had a great time with them and would definitely do business with them again.

by Thuy L. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Im a loyal customer

I have used guanella a few times within the last couple of years and the reason why I am such a loyal customer is because they are very upfront and honest and they have great work ethics. So today I took my mom in for some repair work done to her vehicle. Once again the customer service was outstanding. The two women in the front office were very informative, efficient, and kind. The office is always nice and clean and the care you recieve here is always the best. They really go out of their way to make sure we have the best service and best quality of work done and I have never been unhappy with the results ever. I love it whenever they are done with the repair and damages, they also give us a carwash and so my vehicle always looks so new when I pick it up.

by Madie Harris From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint

Guanella auto body shop was excellent! And I’m certainly not going anyplace else when I require bodywork made on my automobile. The estimate price that they gave me was sensible, the repair time was short, and the overall result was of very high class. And the best thing about it is the constant updates that they gave me every step of the way.

by Amalia Larson From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Great Customer Service!

“I had an excellent customer experience at Guanella’s auto body. The client service was more or less one of the top I have experienced at any auto body repair shop. Jacqueline is really talented at customer relations and what her salary must be; she is not being paid enough.The excellence and competence surpassed my hopes. My car was also done on time and at the assessed cost. They are truly a lovely group of individuals doing brilliant jobs.”

by Vicky H. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Simply amazing!

They are simply amazing. I just recently got into a car accident. I was so nervous and did not know what to do. My friend referred me to Rick. He is so knowledgeable and answered all my questions patiently. Even though my car is Hybrid Prius, they were still able to fix it in a short amount of time. And the job they did is EXCELLENT!!! Their front desk ladies are very friendly too. There were a couple times that I had to go in later than their closing time, they waited for me to make sure that I could get the help I needed. I really appreciate what they did for me. Thank you!!!

by Yadira Nitzsche From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Highly sought after

Guanella Auto Body Repair is probably one of the best auto body shop in our area. Their friendliness to the work rendered is rated 10 out of 10. If you are ever eyeing for an auto body or paint job and want to be treated like an executive customer I recommend making your way down to Guanella for an appointment and see for yourself.

by Daisha Ortiz From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint

It’s my second stint using Guanella’s Auto Body and I am just as awestruck as the first time. They visibly give the best attention to every one of their customers plus expert advice and exceptional class. They supplied in all aspects and also had my car finished on time every time I went in. Cheers again to the expert staff who do their job excellently every time!

by Shyann Considine From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Great work

I would definitely recommend them to my colleagues. The work that they did on my car was pristine. And the good thing about it is that only had to wait for 3 days to get my car fixed and the charge for services rendered was more than reasonable. I am going there to get another car fixed this week because I’m competent that they are the right choice for the job.

by Jac R. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
I am so happy that I chose Guanella Auto Body!

I would highly recommend Guanella Auto Body.  My pearl white SUV was vandalized and when I got it back, it looked better that it did before it was vandalized.  The paint was matched to perfection and they did a complimentary detail inside and out, it looked like a brand new vehicle!!  They handled everything for me from dealing with the insurance company to having my Enterprise rental vehicle waiting for me when I dropped off for repairs, which made it so convenient.  The estimator was very helpful in explaining the process in detail and assuring me that my vehicle would get done right.  The front office staff was so friendly and helpful, greeted me when I walked in and entertained my child while I did the paperwork.  This is a very kid friendly business, which as most moms out there know, that is an important quality of a business to have.  To top it off, I got 15% back of the approved insurance estimate, they simply wrote me a check, that easy.  I am so happy that I chose Guanella Auto Body!

by Doug S. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Great job, great service and show quality!

Painting your bike or car is a very personal thing, pride demands the best.  Here is where you get it.  This is the second bike AutoBody and More has painted for me.  I found they do outstanding work and pay meticulous attention to detail.  Bryan Kinny's Black is one of a kind, so deep in color you would think you could reach right through the bike.Great job, great service and show quality!

by Alyssa M. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
They are amazing!

They are amazing! Always made through their on their promises. Forever a customer!

by Lorin M. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Very helpful

I just got off of the phone with Diane, who took time out of her day to answer some questions for me even though my car is at a different body shop! She was able to add to the very helpful information I had been given by my body shop with regards to dealing with the insurance company and I couldn't be more grateful. Amazing friendliness, knowledge, and service and after that call I know I would feel 100% comfortable bringing my car to them in the future.Update 1/6/14 Talked to Diane again and thanks to a few more tips finally settled with the insurance company. Her advice directly saved me over $600. So grateful and totally recommend Guanella!

by Tammy M. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
This place was Great.

I have used them twice and both times I was very pleased with their efficiency and quality of work. They took care of everything for me from getting me a rental car , making the correct calls to the adjusters, fixing my vehicle , not bothering me , and giving my car am interior and exterior cleaning job. However , my only complaint is that they have a rude receptionist there. Not the taller, thinner one, she is actually very nice . The rude one is the shorter, chubbier one . She has bad customer service!  But besides having one rude receptionist everything else about this place was great .

by Marilyn M. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
I would recommend them to everyone.

I usually don't rave about car businesses because I'm not too interested in cars but I just have to rave about Guanella's. I was going through a very, very stressful time and had recently totaled my car. Well, a couple. I didn't have much money and Rick told me if we fixed all the damage (I was hit in a parking lot but it really dented the car up)the insurance company would total it. I had just bought this one and could not afford another. He was right , they did want to total it and he managed to work with the adjuster and convinced him to let him fix it. I was crying almost every time I was there but Rick didn't freak out like many men do. He just helped me. He went way above and beyond the call of duty, fixed the car (even the part I couldn't afford) and was just so great and really worked to make that car look beautiful. He explained everything along the way, showed me the damage on a big screen computer and explained the cost.The young women at the front desk were also very attentive ,friendly and helpful. I also met Rick's sister who works there and found me sitting on the ground and what was I doing---surprise, crying because they were closed when I thought they were open. She took the time to fix my problem on the spot . They gave me a loaner car, which I was very happy about.. I can't express what a good experience I had with them. My car looks beautiful, the work was great, and they were so, so helpful with me . I would recommend them to everyone.

by Ashley R. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
I have been a faithful customer of Guanella Auto Body

I have been a faithful customer of Guanella Auto Body over the past 15 years and have taken my cars to them for repairs ranging from my recent small fender bender to more significant body damage. If you are ever in need of auto body work this is the best shop in Sonoma County! I have received top notch customer service delivered by extremely knowledgeable staff, ease and convenience from the moment I called to the time I picked up my car, and the highest quality repair work with utmost attention to detail. And although this would be enough to make me a loyal customer, they are also a family owned business that has grown its roots here in our community. I hope you stay accident free, but if you ever are in the situation like I have been, I hope you trust your car in the expert hands of Guanella Auto Body!

by Glenn P. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Guanella Auto Body and Paint did a great job on my BMW

Guanella Auto Body and Paint did a great job on my BMW. They were very courteous and finished ahead of schedule. They worked well with AAA and supplied a rental vehicle on site. I would highly recommend them.

by John W. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
I found the most professional auto body shop

I had a minor fender bender but my car is leased, so it has to stay in good shape !! I was about to go to another shop, but heard on the radio that Guanella auto body in Santa Rosa will rebate the car owner 15% of the repair cost (which was paid by the other party's insurance) first I thought this might be a scam or that the work might be sub-par............instead I found the most professional auto body shop I have ever seen and came to understand that the insurance companies are often steering car owners to shops that do not use original parts and take other shortcuts..........Guanella of Santa Rosa CA does the auto repair the right way using only manufacturer's parts and state-of-the-art equipment............and getting a check when I picked up my car was great !!

by Josie B. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Thank you Guanellas

I would definitely recommend Guanellas, I have been to other places and no one compares to the level of service,courtesy, and detail that Guanellas does!!!! I'm so half I took my car there, they knee who I was when I got there and took care of every detail with no stress on me! Thank you Guanellas

by Lacey A. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Fast but i didnt get furious

JUST AWESOME, Very quick to get parts and worked extremely hard to help on my time crunch to get my vehicle fixed and at show quality level.They were all pleasant to work with and very professional. Had my bumper replaced after hitting an animal on the freeway, they got an OEM bumper the next day, and took a total of 3 days to complete the job and FULLY detail my car. All in time for the car show. Even found touch up paint in my cup holder for my new bumper.Will certainly use again and refer any of my auto enthusiast buddies to this shop.

by Jannick v. From Yelp on Guanella Auto Body & Paint
Very helpful

I cannot say enough good things about these people! Accidents are never a fun or easy to deal with, but everyone here was very helpful with making sure things were handled in the best way possible. Rick, Gary, and Jacqueline were all very helpful and friendly throughout the whole experience. Making for the best experience I could ask for. I will be recommending these guys to anyone with auto body needs!