Believe it or not, the chief suspension designs for automobiles were motivated by the horse-drawn carriages which led the chief automobiles. By: Janus Onbekend Car Suspension Types Believe it or not, the first suspension designs for automobiles were inspired by the horse-drawn carriages which preceded the first automobiles. These were basically beam axles, where a Read More »

Your shocks, or spring absorbers, are a key portion of your vehicle’s suspension. As recommended by their title, their purpose is not to absorb shock. They do so much more, and are precious to your means of transportation, as they contribute in ride value, suspension wear, and tire lifespan. By Expert Writer: Morne Lourens. Tips Read More »

You can frequently say if there’s something wrong with your suspension just by the manner it feels as you get-up-and-go, but it can be hard to gauge any concerns without jacking up the automobile and visually examining the workings of the suspension yourself. There are quantities of dissimilar styles of suspensions you may find in Read More »

First we need to know how Brake systems work. Can you service your brakes? Of course you can. Dollar for dollar, performing your own brake service is one biggest money savers for the DIY mechanic. Your brakes aren’t really that complicated and brake parts aren’t terribly expensive. Its the labor at the mechanic’s shop that Read More »

If you’re searching for a new or used truck and trailer, it’s likely you’ve seen air suspension on the standard or optional features list. It’s also likely you’ve heard negative remarks about the feature especially concerning its long-term reliability. Of course, winter is here, which means freezing temperatures, muddy roads and some slipping and sliding Read More »